There cannot be many pottery pieces more beautiful and with such varied designs that compare with the Moorcroft array of ceramics.  The Moorcroft factory was first established in 1897 in a studio as part of a larger factory known as MacIntyre in Burslem Stoke on Trent home of the potteries in England. William Moorcroft set up his own factory in 1913 and was succeeded by son Walter in 1945, carrying on the tradition of personalizing every piece with a signature. The factory is now in the ownership of the Edwards family. To this day artists sign and date their work which is a useful asset to the collector.

Moorcroft pieces come in all types of designs and vibrant colours and varying sizes from napkins rings and egg cups to large vases and statement pieces which of course come with their own price tags.

The older pieces commonly have floral designs such as Daffodil, Clematis and Anemone and the very collectable Pomegranate design with the more recent designs having tube lined seascapes and animal and countryside designs.  Date marks are very easily identified by either written dates or ciphers and accompanied by the artists monogram on the base of all pieces.  Rachel Bishop and Emma Bossoms have become two of the most popular artists in recent times with many of their stunning tube line designs being highly collectible.

The beginner collector should familiarise themselves with the shapes and markings of Moorcroft pieces and consider buying secondhand as this is a very affordable way to start your collection.

At Kingston Antiques Centre we have a great collection of Moorcroft for sale to suit all collectors. You are welcome to come in store to look over our collection talk to our knowledgeable staff and purchase with confidence.

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