Welcome to Trinacria’s Kitchen

We are a Sicilian run family business that loves to maintain our culinary and cultural traditions.
Come say buon giorno and discover a taste of Sicily on the 1st floor inside Antiques of Kingston.

Caffè L’Avvocato 
Our coffee beans come from the best production areas on Earth and roasted using traditional Artisan wood burning methods going back several generations. The proof, as they say, is in the taste so come & see for yourself!

Café Opening Times


10:30-16:30 Monday
10:30-16:30 Tuesday
10:30-16:30 Wednesday
10:30-16:30 Thursday
10:30-16:30 Friday
10:30-16:30 Saturday
Closed Sunday

Call us on..

0207 0187 447

The Caffè L’Avvocato story

Our coffee beans are a work of art that whispers poetry. Speciality coffee washed & purified !

They come from the best production areas on Earth; Horn of Africa, Central America, India & Indonesia.

The roasting is wood burning, Artisan method, handed down to this day by the grandparents of our grandparents, linked to the traditional quality of made in Italy.

This is how coffee was roasted before industrial innovation.

Through the process of wood burning, green beans are heated at the ideal time dedicated for each individual coffee origin for 15 to 20 minutes per batch. It is here where the “mastery” of the Master Roaster emerges with passion and years and years of work with the will to do the right thing ; evoke forgotten flavours.

Through this specialist roasting method, transformations form & develop a complex alchemy which locks the essential oils, release the aromas and give a persistence to palate that evoke the flavours of forgotten ancient times. A coffee that tells a story of other lands and times gone by.

The will, passion & hard work of the growers, the experienced eye of the hand harvesters to choose only the best beans, the gentle, loving care of man’s hand combined with the magic of nature.

With utmost care and dedication, we roast and package the coffee in the province of Modena, in the triangle of the Emilian provinces – a region recognised globally for Eno-Gastronomic excellence.

Caffè L’Avvocato delights the finest palates every time. From every cup comes a truly sensory experience.