These days we can find many cute storage boxes in all shapes and sizes, but have you ever wondered if storage boxes could be beyond merely just storing? Why do we even store things? The possible reasons could be that they are important, precious or both. By both I mean that they hold a special place in your heart. They hold something that other things don’t. Emotions, maybe? 

Things might seem small in size but emotions don’t. Precious things cannot be carried around always but can be stored safely. All you need is a space for yourself to explore yourself. Tiny yet precious things like memories in physical form require special attention, to keep them safe and protected. Storage boxes, for a long time, have served the purpose of holding things along with emotions for many people. 

Storage boxes have evolved over the years improvising each time they got into the market. However, the purity of making it has been lost in years. The essence of having an old storage box that holds its wholesomeness assuring you to understand your emotion is very rare these days. Imagine having to share your feelings with something that maintains integrity without sharing it to others! Having personal space is important to introspect, be it a diary or a physical thing.

While some get emotionally attached to it and want to keep it locked away, there is another side to storing it. You could spend time creating an aesthetic corner or perhaps a place to display your favourite pens, trinkets, charms, jewellery, makeup, stationery and leave it as a piece of artwork to enhance the vibe of the room. 

Own someone’s once secret keeper now at Antiques of Kingston. Let it cherish a new story of its new owner. Make yourself a nice corner, only for you to cherish. As you pass by every drawer, let yourself travel back to the past. The time when those special moments happened to you, the time that you want to relive.