In this country we are lucky to have some of the best factories that produce wonderful china and porcelain goods and have done so for over a hundred years.

Drinking tea or coffee from a beautiful bone china or porcelain cup and saucer is an absolute pleasure with the beverage of choice somehow tasting so much better when drunk from them.

The most famous names associated with china production are familiar to most of us namely, Royal Worcester  & Royal Crown Derby (disputed who came first as both claim top spot but both established at latter end of 18th century), Royal Doulton established in 1815 and Royal Albert established in 1896. If we come forward a little, we can name Paragon, famous for its beautifully patterned china dating from the early 1900s, Wedgwood and Spode all being prolific bone china & porcelain producers that have provided us with superb hand painted tea, coffee, and complete dinner sets that were often given as generous wedding gifts in the 1930/40s continuing into the late 1950s.

The Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ series made in the 1960s has become very collectable with its colourful, bright, and extremely elegant cups and saucers. Collectors regularly come into the Antiques of Kingston store to avidly search for missing pieces to complete their collection.

The 1950s saw a surge of the production of decorative china from the Royal Standard factory in Stoke which was very adept at using the natural beauty of colourful flowers to decorate their china.

Roses were a particular favourite, and they were often painted with a vibrant yellow, red, and blue colour palette. These stunning pieces were highly valued and as such were kept in a china cabinet and only used on special occasions or to impress a visiting relative. We are lucky nowadays to be able to find examples of these special pieces all thanks to the previous owners whose care in preserving them, now allow us to experience the elegance and quality once more.

Another design currently popular again and being collected is the ‘Homemaker’ series, first produced in the late 1950s and discontinued in the 1970s. The china was manufactured by the Ridgway Potteries in Stoke and sold exclusively by Woolworths.  The design was a distinctive black on white featuring illustrations of iconic home furnishings of the time such as a standard lamp, coffee table and various other fun pieces. A collection of this china can be found in the V&A museum ensuring its place in history, but you don’t have to just admire it there! You will find a large selection for sale in our store that is in great condition and ready for use.

Pop in and peruse our vast beautiful collection of china and porcelain ware..