We all own an item of decorative glass in one form or another, whether it is the humble drinking vessel or a grand ornamental chandelier. The beauty of glass brightens and illuminates our homes and has been part of our home décor for centuries. It has become more intricate, colourful and affordable in part due to mass production.

The Italians, of course have produced a vast selection of beautiful glass items over the years in their Venetian factories that can attract impressive prices. The most famous factory being that of Murano who make stunningly beautiful items in all shapes and sizes. The vibrant coloured glass in red and blue that Murano manufactures is incredibly attractive, from lamp bases to paperweights, the craftmanship is of an extremely high quality.

The French have also been masters of glassware for many years. From the attractive and practical Baccarat crystal glassware and the beautiful and highly collectable Lalique. Both makes holding high favour amongst glass collectors worldwide.

British glass is by no means inferior, we have caught up in skill and intricacy, anyone having visited the Isle of Wight glass factory will be in awe of the work the glass blowers show in the beautiful items they produce. They too now attract comparable prices for their large handmade glass items.

Other glass makers are also well known for their quality, such as the Irish Waterford factory that produces fabulous crystal cut glass bowls and vases. We cannot forget the superb Victorian and Edwardian glass that is also highly decorative and has the ability to catch the light, to shine and sparkle and light up a dark corner. We have a vast array of splendid glass items on both floors of our inviting and eclectic store! Come and soak up the ambience and enjoy your walk around, admiring the beautiful items we have available to peruse and purchase.

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