Pair Of Qing Era Bronze Vases


Pair of small bronze vases from the 17th-18th century Qing era, China. Near identical hexagonal vases with bronze lilies decorating the slim necks of each vase. The base measures 55mm in diameter, widest area 105mm in diameter and top measures 46mm in diameter. Each vase is 180mm tall. HEAVY – COLLECT FROM STORE ONLY.

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The Pair of Qing Era bronze vases date back to the 17th-18th century in China. The unusual vases are hexagonal in shape and have decorative lilies covering the necks of each one. The antique pair would display beautifully in a lounge in a sunny position where they can show their beauty. To maintain the condition of the pair of Qing era bronze vases, we suggest polishing them with a soft cloth when needed

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