It can be difficult to find the perfect father’s day gift especially if we want to make it personalised. Although dad’s will appreciate any gift, we want to show our appreciation for all that they do for the family. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your dad, father-in-law or any father figure in your life, we’ve got some ideas to help. As long as you know what kind of things they like, finding the perfect present may be easier than you think.

At Antiques of Kingston, we have a variety of unique vintage products that will make the perfect father’s day gifts. We have products ranging from collectables and retro gadgets to vintage fashion and accessories.

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Record player

Everyone loves music. The way music is played has definitely evolved throughout the years, but one music player that never gets old is the record player. This old school device brings music to life like no other in a way that you get lost in the music that fills the space. It also adds aesthetic to a room and gives a great excuse to buy vinyl’s, or use them if he already has a collection! Whatever genre of music he’s into, a record player would make great father’s day gift.

Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing is always in style, especially with the demand in upcycling, recycling and the trend in sustainable fashion. Although the latest trends may not be of importance to most, fashionable clothing always makes a great gift! How about a 70’s leather coat or vintage Levi jeans. You can even go for accessories instead, maybe vintage sunglasses or a Movado quartz watch. There’s plenty of vintage clothing and accessories to choose from at Antiques of Kingston to suit all styles.



A lot of dad’s are into collecting items such as diecast toys, militaria or books. Gifting him something that he invests in collecting will definitely make his day on father’s day. It will also show that you pay attention to what he likes. If he’s one of them that likes to collect vintage or antique items, we might just have what you’re looking for. We have dinky toys, figurines, WWI & WWII militaria, coins and much more collectables to choose from.

c1965-9 Vintage Corgi 256 Volkswagen 1200 East African safari with box and trim. Complete and in excellent condition with opening boot and trunk. Spare wheel on roof turns the front wheels. Car measures 93mm long by 36mm wide and 35mm high at highest point. Main photo showing car and rhino on trim of East African scene


Whether he drinks wine or whisky, he can now drink with class using a decanter. Not only do decanters look appealing, they’re also great for preserving liquor in a stylish way. Decanters come in all shapes and forms, and are great to use for any occasion. Small decanters are perfect for whiskey since it is consumed in smaller amounts, while larger ones are great for wine.



Board games or machine-operated games, we all love to play some games. It’s a great way to spend time with the ones we love. Gifting him with a vintage game could bring back memories and create new ones with family and friends! Whether he’s into chess or card games, we have many vintage games in store.


We have many more gift ideas for father’s day that we haven’t mentioned which you can find online or in store. All items are unique and one of a kind so you won’t find them anywhere else. Visit Antiques of Kingston to bag yourself a special gift in time for Father’s day.